Fudia industrial grade IDE Flash Modules FDM700P series are non-volatile, solid state data storage disk. Given the advantages of lower power consumption, greater ruggedness, higher MTBF and other attracting features, Solid State Drive (SSD) is gradually becoming a mainstream to replace conventional Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

  Due to lack of any mechanical components, SSD provides a more robust and cost effective storage solution for any embedded application. Since Fudia FDM700P series IDE Flash Modules come with a standard ATA interface which is fully compatible with traditional HDD, designers will find Fudia industrial grade IDE Flash Modules as an easy solution for integration in PC-based systems.

Flash Type SLC MLC
43 n.m. 32 n.m.
Interface Standard ATA / IDE Bus Interface 512 Bytes / Sector
Intelligent ATA / IDE Module
Capacity 44 pins : 1 GB ~ 16 GB 44 pins : 2 GB ~ 64 GB *
ATA command set compatible
Read/Write (Max.) Performance Read: 86 MB/s Read: 80 MB/s
Write: 80 MB/s Write: 45 MB/s
Standard Female IDE Connector 44 pins Horizontal Reversed
Operation Temperature Normal temperature series → 0 ~ +70°C
Wide temperature series → -40 ~ +85°C
StorageTemperature Normal temperature series → -40 ~ +85°C
Wide temperature series → -40 ~ +85°C
Intelligent ATA/IDE Module Implements dynamic wear-leveling algorithms and static wear- leveling algorithms to increase endurance of flash media.
Embedded Flash File System.
ECC corrects up to 48 random bits error per 512 bytes.
Data Transfer Mode PIO mode 4
Multiword DMA mode 2
Ultra DMA mode 6
Operating voltage DC 3.3 V / 5.0 V
Certificates Acquired RoHS \ WHQL \ CE \ FCC
*MLC products will be only produced upon requested.
** Only 44 pins vertical type has housing

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