Fudia industrial grade 2.5"" PATA based FSD700P series SSD is a non-volatile, solid state data storage system, and has become a more popular storage media solution, compared to conventional Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Due to lack of any mechanical components, SSD provides a more robust and cost effective storage solution for any embedded application. Since SSD comes with a standard ATA interface which is fully compatible with traditional HDD, designers will find Fudia PATA based industrial grade 2.5"" SSD as an easy solution for integration in PC-based systems.

  Furthermore, Military Security Erases standards can be performed on Fudia FSD700P series PATA based industrial grade 2.5"" SSD by Software Commends also (*). Users can erase all data out of 32 GB SSD (SLC) within around 0.2 minutes with Quick Erase function.

Flash Type SLC MLC
43 n.m. 32 n.m.
Capacity 2 GB ~ 128 GB 4 GB ~ 256 GB**
Read/Write (Max.) Performance Read: 88 MB/s Read: 80 MB/s
Write: 70 MB/s Write: 45 MB/s
Operation Temperature Normal temperature series → 0 ~ +70°C
Wide temperature series → -40 ~ +85°C
Storage Temperature Normal temperature series → -40 ~ +85°C
Wide temperature series → -40 ~ +85°C
Vibration Resistance 20 G (80 ~ 2,000 Hz)
Shock Resistance 1,500 G (0.5 msec.)
Standard ATA/IDE BUS Interface ATA Command set compatible
512 Bytes/Sector
Data Transfer Mode PIO mode 4
Multiword DMA mode 2
Ultra DMA mode 6
Intelligent ATA/IDE Module Implements dynamic wear-leveling algorithms and static wear- leveling algorithms to increase endurance of flash media.
Built in Embedded Flash File System.
Storage ECC hardware desgin, correcting up to 48 bits
random error per 2 K bytes.
Operating Voltage DC 3.3V / 5V
Certificates Acquired RoHS \ WHQL \ CE \ FCC
* Military Security Erase Standards and Conformal Coating can be provided as optional solutions.
** MLC solution is produced upon requested only.
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