Fudia PATA based FSD700P series ZIF SSD is a non-volatile, solid state data storage system. Due to rapid reduction of flash media, Solid State Drive has become more and more popular a storage media to replace conventional Hard Disk Drives.

  Free of any mechanical components, SSD provides more robust and cost effective storage solution for embedded application. Offering standard ATA interface, which is fully compatible with traditional HDD, Fudia PATA based FSD700P series ZIF SSD offers the designer an easy solution to implement in PC-based systems.

Flash Type SLC MLC
43 n.m. 32 n.m.
Capacity 1 GB ~ 32 GB 4 GB ~ 128 GB*
Read/Write (Max.) Performance Read: 88 MB/s Read: 80 MB/s
Write: 70 MB/s Write: 45 MB/s
Operation Temperature Normal temperature series → 0 ~ +70°C
Wide temperature series → -25 ~ +85°C
Storage Temperature Normal temperature series → -40 ~ +85°C
Wide temperature series → -40 ~ +85°C
Vibration Resistance 20 G (80 ~ 2,000 Hz)
Shock Resistance 1,500 G (0.5 msec.)
Standard ATA/IDE BUS interface ATA Command set compatible
512 Bytes/Sector
Selectable Master/Slave setting
Data Transfer Mode PIO mode 4
Multiword DMA mode 2
Ultra DMA mode 6
Intelligent ATA/IDE Module Implements dynamic wear-leveling algorithms and staticwear- leveling algorithms to increase endurance of flash media.
Built in Embedded Flash File System.
Storage ECC hardware desgin, correcting up to 48 bits
random error per 2 K bytes.
Operating Voltage DC 3.3V
Certificates Acquired RoHS \ WHQL \ CE \ FCC
* MLC solution is produced upon requested only.
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