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Who Fudia is

Fusion Media Tech Co., Ltd. was found in August, 2006, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. All team members have long-term semiconductor memory experiences in R&D, manufacturing and marketing fields. Fudia is a knowledge-based company, 100% controls NAND flash memory know-how and flash memory controller technology especially. Fudia has own core technology in solid-state storage algorithm and global brand name "fudia".

What's Fudia's mission

Fudia makes effort in the development of solid-state storages, and tries to well play the leading role in the market. To successfully be a market pioneer and your reliable partner is the goal Fudia is striving toward.

What Fudia offers

Fudia offers reliable storage media to your embedded systems, industrial applications or high-end consumer devices. Fudia also offers you very good technical support. Now, industrial Flash Disk Module (FDM), Compact Flash Card and Solid State Disk (SSD) are in product lineup, new generation products are under development too.

Why you choose Fudia

Fudia has very strong engineering background, Fudia's engineering team is familiar with solid-state storage no matter on hardware, firmware or customer applications. Fudia has very strict quality control because Fudia cares about product quality very much, Fudia has been OEM/ODM many well-known customers in the world. We are trying to share and learn special customer requirements with our partners. Fudia has very quick engineering support, Fudia can help you to quick design-in our solid-state storage solution even some customized actions needed.

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