Fudia UFD700P series USB DOM (Drive On Module) is based on USB 2.0 controller which supports USB 2.0 & 1.1 and interface to NAND Flash Memory. Fudia UFD700P series USB DOM is specially designed for motherboard and build-in to the PC / Notebook / IA system.

  By using Fudia UFD700P series USB DOM, it will reduce a lot of efforts which was needed from R/D to production, as well as simplifying the RMA problems. It supports USB Mass Storage function and supports for USB boot function from BIOS. This solution provides not only easy to install, but also fast, easy to use and low cost way for user.

Flash Type SLC MLC
43 n.m. 24 n.m
Support Capacity 1 GB ~ 64 GB 4 GB ~ 128 GB
USB Interface Fully compatible with USB Specification Version 2.0 & 1.1
Read/Write (Max.) Performance Read: 21.7 MB/s Read: 21.5 MB/s
Write: 10.5 MB/s Write: 10.2 MB/s
Build-in Build-in NAND Flash Memory
Support 2k page large block NAND Flash 2k page large block NAND Flash.
4k page large block NAND Flash. 4k page large block NAND Flash.
X 8k page large block NAND Flash.
Support One CONTROL transfer, one INTERRUPT transfer and two BULK transfer.
Four Endpoints.
Data Payload.
USB power saving mode
Support Host Interfaces: USB 2.0 & 1.1 Interface.
USB HID transport: endpoint 3.
Build-in NAND Flash Memory Interface .
Hardware ECC circuit.
Support in Support in-System Programming through USB Port
Transfer Rate for USB Interface High speed” - Up to 480 Mbits/sec for USB 2.0
Full speed” - Up to 12 Mbits/sec for USB 1.1
Support 3.3 V Flash I/O Internal 3.3 V regulator can supply current for controller analog circuit, controller I/O and flash.
Support 1.8 V Flash I/O: Internal 1.8 V regulator can supply the current for controllercore, controller I/O and Flash.
Operating Voltage 2.7 ~ 3.6 V
Performance USB bus-powered capability
Power Saving implemented
High performance
Working Frequency 12 MHz
Dimention(W*L*H) 26.5 mm x 37.8 mm x 1.6 mm
Certificates Acquired RoHS \ WHQL \ CE \ FCC
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