Fudia SATA based FSD700P series industrial grade 2.5"" SATA SSD delivers all the advantages of Flash Disk technology with Serial ATA II interface, fully compliant with standard 2.5"" form factor.

  Fudia SATA based FSD700P series industrial grade 2.5"" SATA SSD is based on a standard 7 pins interface for data segment and 15 pins for power segment, designed to operate at a maximum operating frequency of 150 MHz with 30 MHz external crystal. Its capacity could provide a wide range from 1 GB (SLC) to up to 256 GB (MLC). The power consumption of Flash Disk is much lower than traditional Hard Drive. In addition, Fudia 2.5"" SATA SSD provides hot-swapping abilities when removing, replacing or upgrading flash disks.

Flash Type SLC MLC
43 n.m. 32 n.m.
Capacity Support 48 bits addressing mode
1 GB ~32 GB 4 GB ~ 256 GB *
Read/Write (Max.) Performance Read: 240 MB/s Read: 240 MB/s
Write: 180 MB/s Write: 220 MB/s
Electrical/Physical Interface SATA 1.5G bps and 3G bps interface.
DDR I I/O interface
mobile-DDR I/O interface
Flash I/O 1.8 V and 3.3 V voltage level
1.8 V for ONFI Flash
DC 3.3 V for conventional Asynchronous Flash
Controller Features SATA Revision 2.6 compliant.
SATA II Compatible with SATA 1.5 Gbps and 3 Gbps interface.
Power management supported.
Support expanded register for SATA protocol 48 bits addressing mode.
Embedded BIST function of SATA PHY for low cost mass production.
NAND Flash Interface Build-in hardware ECC circuit (48 bits/2 KB)
Support all types of SLC and MLC NAND Flash
ONFI 2.0 Interface support: 5 channels max, mode 2
Support 16 Flash chips enable
Bus width: 8/16 bits
DDR I interface 16 bits data bus
Data rates: 320 Mbps
Bandwidth: 640 MB/s
Support capacity: 32 and 64 MB
Mobile-DDR Interface 32 bit data bus
Data Rate: 320 Mbps
Bandwidth: 1,280 MB/s
Support Capacity: 32/64/128/256 MB
Built-in Built-in 32 bits micro controller
Support UART
Support 10 GPIO pins
Support TRIM command
Support SMART command
ECC scheme Support 48/32/28 bits ECC correct per 2 KB data
Operation Temperature Normal temperature series → 0 ~ +70°C
Wide temperature series → -40 ~ +70°C
Storage Temperature Normal temperature series →-40 ~ +85°C
Wide temperature series → -40 ~ +85°C
Humidity RH = 95% under 55°C
Shock# 1,500 G / 0.5 ms
Vibration# 20 G (80 ~ 2,000 Hz)
Acoustic 0 dB
Support Support Hot-Swapping technique
Certificates Acquired RoHS \ WHQL \ CE \ FCC
*MLC and Ultra MLC products will be produced upon requested only.
# Subject to be changed without notice.
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